Saturday, May 7, 2011

scratch that too

I have started and ...postponed finishing a handful of post this week.  Seems what I want to say and what I can say are not meshing well lately.
It has been an interesting week. I can't really say good nor bad. Just interesting with a slue of both peppered in.

I have come to the concussion to scratch all those "almost" post. Some things are better let not said. Especially when you ...hesitate. Sure sign that maybe you should not put it out there.

So... I apologize for the week away. 
I will try to write more this week. From my heart, but not TMI.


Linda said...

Been missing you. ♥ Hope you have a marvelous Mother's Day! :)

Judy Miller said...

Have missed you. I know what you mean about not posting some things. Love the Internet, BUT, big problem once it is out there it is out there forever. Have done a post,let it sit, reread and then deleted. I think sometimes we just need to write out feelings and that helps; somethings better left unsaid to anyone but God and ourself. Bless you this Mother's day.

Mark Pressley said...

I have a whole file of scratch that post's!

Being a two time rehab not quite sucsess story there ia a lot I would like to say but probably never will.

Happy Moms Day to you and all your mom friends.


If you have come to a concussion while scratching those 'almost' posts, it might be a sign you're pounding your head against the wall a wee bit too hard...literally or figuratively...