Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quondam Tuesday Bruno

Let me introduce you to one of the Best Dogs that Ever Lived!

We got Bruno, formally known as Chumsky, at the Indianapolis Humane's  Society in 1999. We went in search of a companion for our dear Lucy, whom was elderly and needing some extra TLC. 
Bruno came to live with us, and became Lucy's constant companion. When Lucy lost her sight, Bruno guided her along, giving her the best final days of her life.
 When Bruno came to live with us, he was a BIG PUPPY. This was him the first day. At the Humane's Society there was a lot of attention around some smaller breed puppies scamping around playfully.  Bruno, was know as Chumsky at the time. His crate held a sign over it that said, "I'm cute too." He laid there looking so sad. People would walk by and say. "look at those paws, he's gonna be huge!
We gladly accepted this big guy into our lives.
 He loved us all so much.
Bruno w/ Lucy
yeah he was allowed on the couch
...and the bed
 Bruno had the worse allergies I have ever seen for a dog. He was always sneezing outside and took allergy medicine. He preferred indoors in the spring & fall.
playing Happy Happy Hippo w/ Annie

Bruno w/ Baby Riley
6 months later still loving'
can I go too?
 This beautiful huge Mutt was the joy of our lives. Everyone thought he loved them best. He spread his love to all. He chased the young boys into the pool every time they would "try" and push one of the girls in the pool. He loved to play and loved to cuddle.
We lost this Gentle Giant to  Lymphoma Cancer. Way to young.
He will always shine in our hearts.
Best Dog Ever. 


Scott said...

I'm so sorry, Janis. He looks like a great dog! I hope you don't dwell on his loss, but consider the wonderful 12 years he shared with you. What a good you gave him, and it sounds like yours was truly enriched by him. Thank you for sharing his story.

JC said...

What a cute puppy he was. I would have taken him too. I'm a big dog gal. Always have been. I'm sorry he got sick so young.

Vanna said...

That is one GOOD looking man there. So sweet and cute! Like a huge overstuffed animal to cuddle up on! All the great memories ya'll have with him. Wonderfull.

Reality Jayne said...

big lug....he was a cutey pie

An English Shepherd said...

What a great looking lad :-)

janis said...

Thanks all! He was a grand ole Boy!
Scott~ check your math that is 6 years not 12.
***CORRECTION~ Bruno was playing Hungry Hungry Hippos Not Happy Happy Hippo*

Mark Pressley said...

"All Dogs Go To Heaven"

But the good ones start with good owners..