Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Incredible Marvelous Job

I know what you are thinking... "Yeah right. Don't we all after the first week? Especially when one has been laid off for 6 months?" Well, this is true, maybe, but there is something to be said about finding your niche. Your, "I fit, I am the missing link."
Applying for this position wasn't easy.
1st: I had to consider if I am willing to work evenings and give up my regular routine.  3:00pm -12:00am is not the greatest hours to be working for everyone. It messes with your your married life, your social life, and your sleep pattern.
2nd:  I had to consider a nine month position vs a twelve month position. Nine months means three months less pay.
Speaking of pay...
3rd: I had to consider taking a big pay cut.  Isn't that the way it often is? The really great jobs, pay very little.  We had to consider if this cut was going to be worth it.  Honestly, it is the main reason I had not considered looking into the position.  But sometimes, we realize, although salary is very important in our jobs, it isn't always the most important part of a job.

For years I have worked jobs that I was good at, but lacked passion.  Jobs that paid very well, but gave me nothing as far as gratitude. Ever since I young, I knew working with children was my passion.  I have oodles of youth leadership. that were rewarding when I volunteered myself to be Brownies, Girl Scouts, chaperoning, church organizations...

When we decided it may be worth a look, it's like God was leading me to this.  Through the hundreds of job searches I have made over the past year, never coming across my old job.  I found nothing in the State job offerings (this is a state paid job). So I went to the Indiana School For the Deaf website & BINGO! The job (Residential Assistant) was just posted that day... Seriously?

So I applied.
...I contacted a few of my old students (now all adults) and asked them to keep me in prayer as I just applied.  I was overwhelmed by their sweet encouragement and words.
...I decided to make one more little contact... I emailed the Superintendent of ISD.  Introduced myself, gave him some history of when I previously worked here and why I want to come back.
...he emailed me back... thanking me for sharing and wishing me luck.
...and I received another email from Director of Student Life, whom let me know that the Sup forwarded my email to her. oh boy....getting excited!
...then I got a phone call asking me for an interview... WHOO HOO!
...I was interviewed by both Assistant Deans (Boys & Girls).
...I sent my thank you for the interview emails and waited...
then I got the offer!
Whoo Hoo!

Welcome Back indeed!

I have to say, although nervous about the changes that 20 plus years could bring to a place, and the fear of my lack of ASL skills, I was truly impressed with what I returned to.

The Staff is AWESOME.
Everyone is welcoming and helpful. I even joyfully saw a familiar face from before.  Everyone patiently signs slowly for me and are eager to assist me with new signing words. The environment is good.  The children are well behaved and I sense a good balance of respect between students and staff.  I am anxious to work with these amazing kids.  Grateful to have Girls Dorm. (I love you Boys, but Good Golly you Boys are MESSY!)
So far I have floated from Dorm to Dorm learning each Resident Assistant's techniques and routines.  I have meet most all the girl students and am slowly learning the boys as well.  I do not know which Dorm I will be assigned for the Fall, as we all will have to wait and see.  I have a few favorite Staff RA's that I hope to be placed with but will be grateful wherever placed.  As long as it is mutual (I know one RA has made it clear she doesn't want to share a Dorm, I will probably get that Dorm.)

I think I can see myself in a Happily Ever After job placement here. It just feels right.


Judy Miller said...

Oh Janis I am so happy for you. When I was hired at the greenhouse it was for a part time postion. The full time had been filled. Turned out the person who got the full time job had medical problems and I took it over. It was more than half pay of what I had been making as an electrician at an RV factory but the enviroment was worth the change. I stayed there for 23 years till I retired. Best job ever just got to be too physical on an old lady with arthritis or I would still be there:)

Pammy Sue said...

That is so wonderful!!

Mark Pressley said...

I traded pay for happiness 3 years ago and have never looked back.