Friday, May 27, 2011


Hello my Dear Blogger friends~
How are you all?
I have so much catching up
It's gonna take me all weekend to catch up on reading 
everyone's Blogs!

I also have wonderful updates for you all

Guess what?
It's big...very BIG!

I'm Happy!
Yep! I am very happy!
This is wonderful news.
I have not had this kind of fulfillment and joy for some time.

The new job is splendid... just splendid♥

I feel I found my niche.  This is where I should be!
I worked here many years ago, and loved it then.
Wanted to be a Stay At Home Mommy
and never went back.
(until now)
Raising childern and working second shift would be so difficult.
I know many do and I feel very Blessed that I did not have too.
Now my Girls are grown up.
They do not need me to be home for them in the 
afternoons & evenings.
They don't even live at home much anymore.
They are willing (and eager) to share me with children.
Children that need me.
So, my new adventure begins...
and I am so excited!


Tina said...

Good for you! I'm happy that you found a job doing something you enjoy and will be able to help others! I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do...or where God is leading me. Helping others is my goal also.

Reality Jayne said...

i am really happy for you

Pammy Sue said...

I'm so glad you found something that you love to do. That is so important with the amount of time you spend at any job. I'm very happy for you, Janis!

rosaria said...

Happy for you! Enjoy.

Scott said...

I'm glad you are feeling so happy and fulfilled! Many search and never find their special calling. How blessed you are.

Judy Miller said...

so glad for you; it is terrfic

Fire Byrd said...

Having a job that is 'right' means never minding getting up Monday morning! Go You!

Mark Pressley said...

Life happens the way it is suppose to when you let it! CONGRATS!!

Bee Lady said...

So glad you are so happy with your new job.

Cindy Bee

Julie Harward said...

It makes me happy to hear that you are nice to find a job that you can really enjoy..have fun! :D