Saturday, April 30, 2011

Suggestions please...

This is the Hot Tub that came with our house. We have only used it maybe a dozen times in the 18 months we have lived here. We decided to utilize the screened in porch as living space and decided to get rid of the tub. It takes up too much space & we are not big Hot Tub fans.
The seller filled it up to prove all was working, but did not get the water deposits removed first. So the surface where the water was is rough.  Now that I emptied the tub, I am trying to remove the hard water deposits and having a harder time than I thought I would.  I'm using CLR, but it is so time consuming & hard to keep scrubbing and scrubbing so hard. Is there an easier way?  I want the tub to look nice.  We plan on selling it rather cheap but I still want to make it shine. 

Any suggestions?


Barbara Bradford said...

You can just visit your spa dealer. They have tons of things that are made for spas and won't hurt the filters. They even have a tablet that you put in just once a month to keep the deposits off... I wouldn't use the every day Lime-Away etc.. when you have it all removed, there are good waxes to revive the shine.. the main thing to remember is nothing that scratches..., Hope this helps..

Linda said...

WOW. How cheap? We would love to get a spa!! It's been something we've been wanting for years. We have a pool that we love owning. I don't have any suggestions though about the water deposits but my first thought would be to visit the pool/spa shop as suggested and they probably have good products to do the trick. :)