Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quondam Tuesdays Young Life

For Quondam Tuesday I am taking you back to the late seventies and earlier eighties, when I was involved with a Christian Youth Group called, Young Life . Lots of stuff, going on in my teen years and it couldn't have been a better time for me to be introduced to this club. I believe Karin Hilton & Mary Moore are who I have to thank for it.
summer of 1979  me front & center
Young Life was amazing. Here several high schools kids from our school, with different backgrounds gathered, sang, played skits, and learned more about the love of Christ. As students we took turns hosting club. I started coming my Junior year, but it was my Senior year, when Richie came with me, that I have the best memories. Also, camp. Oh my goodness, throw me on a bus headed for Colorado Springs, Colorado, teach me to hike, repel down a mountain, go river rafting down the Arkansas River... and top it off with studying of Gods love & His joy in our growth... oh yes.. It was love♥

I also was Blessed to be able to give back as a Volunteer Leader for two years. (Got me back to camp a couple more times♥)

The years with Richie coming with me, we would go weekly, and had a blast. We loved Young Life. When the evening was over, Rich & I repeated our favorite tunes of the evening, rather loudly and off key, barreling down the road to home. We were terrible & we didn't care. We had songs in our heart & sang them out to the Lord.  These songs were so different than the hymns we were use to in our more traditional churches. They were funny..creative.. and modern.

Richie & I also were Youth leaders together for summer camp in Colorado one year.
Summer of '81 or '82
This trip still makes us crack up. From the ghetto inner city kids that we "supervised", one "little girl" telling me..."don't make me havta cut you up!" to the strange young man that developed an uncomfortable "crush" on Rich. Shin splints...Stomach virus... oh yeah, and on the bus ride home, not even 100 miles into the ride, our bus lost a wheel, nearly crashing off a cliff and causing us to spend one more evening with our campers in a makeshift older campsite. Oh yes...Rich & I still can laugh about that trip. May have been why Richie only was a leader one year?
Derek, Me, forgotten leader, & Richie
Derek Wallace was our leader, and my mentor, into becoming a leader. I have lost touch with this wonderful man. When I knew him, he & his wife, were busy with their adorable triplets. Derek had this great accent as he was from South Africa. He was an amazing story teller and involved his audience in every story. He always had a smile. He gave so much to us all. He helped me tremendously grow spiritually.

I know that Young Life has continued over the years. I had hoped that me daughters would actively become interested in this youth group. But the chapter available to them did not have the same atmosphere and charisma. 

Click this link: young life to learn more about it.


Linda said...

Neat, Janis! You've really lived an interesting life, involved in so many different activities. This coming from me, the "sheltered one", LOL.

Hope you're having a wonderful week.

An English Shepherd said...

Very impressive ride on the rapids!!!

Scott said...

Great memories! I'm so glad you had that experience.

Anonymous said...

Wow-- so thanks for posting this and the pictures. I think the raft ride was 1981-- and I do remember that kid kept falling asleep on me on that bus ride. That was Frontier Camp in Buena Vista, Colorado close to where Lisa Desch now lives-- outside of Breckenridge. That was a very fun and special time in our lives. I remember the crush I had on Jeannie Francis and Cathy Spence-- although they did not do these trips with us--- also-- remember Kent Smith? Thanks for the memories and old pics of me. The one on the rock-- the girl behind us looks just like your sister.

Reggie said...

Hi Janis...there is an award waiting for you.