Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quondam Tuesday ~ Photobooths

Recently, while attending a wedding, the couple had a photo booth set up at the reception. I loved this idea! (Although I could not get Hubby to go in it). All the young adults hovered around it laughing and enjoying. The company that supplies it, sets it up for the guest to enjoy their photo strip (free), and copies go to the newlyweds.

Got me thinking about the fun in photo booths over the years. I know I have many more, but here are the ones I dug up for Quondam Tuesday.
Gene Gardner 1943
This dashing young man is my Great Uncle Gene in 1943. He was Grandma Kitty's brother. A charming wonderful man she loved dearly, & I am sure I would have too.

Jan around 1972
Awe, look at me! I am guessing here but probably around 1972, ten years old.

Mary & I 1974
This is my Lifer Mary (Moore) Dougherty. So cute.

Tammy & I 1975?
Tammy (Bayliff) Cunningham and I around 7th grade. I loved those octagon glasses!

Tammy, Mary & I 1975?
This is me and Tammy again, joined by Mary (Crenshaw) Gilleispe. We had a Camp Fire Girl event at a mall. That is our groovy Indian costumes thingys with our patches & beads. Notice my tongue. Must have been eating candy?

Tribby/Meyer cousins 1977?
This was hilarious. We got all FIVE of us cousin in the booth! In front~ Janet, Julie. Back~ Shari, Me, Leann.
Julie & I had so much fun when the Tribby cousin came to town. My Mom was great at making our time memorable & we packed as much as possible into our visits.

Nadine & I Summer 1977
Nadine Wilham was one of my Best buddies in San Antonio. She lived down the road from my Grandparents, and we quickly became friends. I lost touch with her though over the years. I ran into her brothers at Grandpa's funeral, but Nadine couldn't make it. She was a Doll, and I have great memories with her.

Grandma Kitty & I 1978
Many of you are familar with this one. I have it enlarged and framed in the dining room, and keep the original in my wallet over my driver's license. It is without a doubt my favorite photo. I see and feel the love Grandma had for me in this photo. I adored her as much as she did me. Two peas in a pod.

Me & Deb, 1980
Deb (Wiggington) Merino, Lifer Bestie. I know I have more of her & some with Sheri & Lynn. They are misplaced though.

Rich & I 1981
Here I have Richie & I. Thinking this was taken in 1981, but may be wrong. I love how we aren't ready for the first shot.

I would love to see your photo booth pictures. Don;'t they just make you smile?


Vanna said...

I love the picture of you and Granny Kitty! That is a wonderfull photo. All of them are great. I wish I had photo booth pictures. The only ones I have are from Moody Gardens and it was 5 dollars for 1, ONE, uno picture. I was so upset!

rosaria said...

What great memories you have there in those pictures! I agree with Vanna regarding the picture with Granny. Precious!

Mark Pressley said...

We did a photo booth at Kaits wedding; the company kept a copy of everyone’s pictures and put them in an album for her in addition to everyone keeping their own. Lots of fun! My friends were funnier than some of the kids imagine that.

So cool that you have kept all your pics and memories I did terrible at that.

ellen abbott said...

I can't believe you have all those! My husband and I got a strip done when we were first going out. I still have it here somewhere. and we did one when our daughter was born but I don't know if I still have it.

Scott said...

I've never heard of a photo booth at a wedding. Great idea. I have never had a photo taken in a photo booth. I sure saw a lot of familiar faces in your shots, though. Fun memories.