Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pretty Baby

Emily & Derek
Look at my pretty baby!
Last night was her last sorority formal.  She and Derek look so great! She sent this to me before they left.
Emily & Kelsey
This is Emily with one of her sorority sisters, Kelsey. Aren't they pretty?

They had a wonderful evening. Being a Chi Omega has been much fun. Emily always loved her dances throughout school. Middle School, High School, and College.  She's gonna miss the dances and formals.


Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
Your Emily is gorgeous not surprising given her beautiful mother an good looking dad.

janis said...

awe, thanks Herrad♥

Em said...

Janis, I'm not at all sure what 'formals' or 'sororities' are..but your daughter is absolutely beautiful!!!
And thank you for all those lovely comments on my photos on FB.
Love Em xxxxxxxxxx

janis said...

Em~ Sororities are fraternal social organizations for women undergraduates. I believe they are called "corporations" in European countries. Formals are formal dance events that the sororities and fraternities (men undergraduates) host every year. Emily's sorority is Chi Omega. Most sororities have houses that the girls live in but at Ball State University, they don't. It appealed to both my daughters to keep active, do charity work,and have a kinship with other young women. My youngest daughter is also in one but she chose to be a Delta Zeta.

Linda said...

She's beautiful of course!! :)