Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's a Nice Day for A White Wedding...

Well tomorrow is the day.  Many have anxiously waited and although we do not know Prince William or Catherine, let alone are British, we are just the same, caught up in the excitement and feel it's like a Fairy Tale.

I will be getting up early and arriving at my friend Jill's, as well as another girlfriend, Tammy, for a marvelous Breakfast Celebration as we watch the wedding on the tube.

I remember the excitement July 29th 1981... When Beautiful Diana Spencer became Princess of Wales marrying Prince Charles (yucko) . We all loved her so. I was just 19 myself. Diana, just a year older than I. Charles was so much older...scary...ugly. And they was always that question why would she choose him. Years later there is that looming question as to if it was an arrange marriage.  The Queen refused to allow Charles to marry Camile, so it seems a more worthy wife was chosen.  Diana was so elegant. Even when her Husband was not.. She was passionate about her boys, and of her charities. She was adored even after her untimely death.

And now, we have a beautiful new Princess at hand. Catherine Middleton is a wonderful fresh face for us to admire. Her story is much different, however, there are similarities.  I do believe that Diana would approve of her son's choice and I like to believe that this time...this Prince truly loves his bride.

Well, I'm off to get some shuteye soon~


Linda said...

Wow, I honestly can't get over all of the hoopla of this event. I'm just not into it at all, though they are a lovely couple. Tomorrow is just a normal Friday for us. :)

A human kind of human said...

When you sit over there celebrating William and Catherine, I will be with you in a way as I will be sitting over here doing the same. I think they are a beautiful couple. I only wish that people all over the world would remember that although the world see them through royal tinted glasses, they are in fact just two young people in love. Here's to Will and Kate (lifting my first morning cuppa joyously into the air).

Mark Pressley said...

My mom said if you cant say something nice dont say any thing at all. So I am out

ps Kait an Nancy are excited though

Linda said...

Okay Miss Janis.... you've gone and done it now - made me tune in to watch "the kiss" part of the celebration, live, when I arrived at work, and I must say - I'm sitting here in tears. It was all indeed a very lovely, moving scene, even for this girl who ordered her plain, knee-length sheath of a wedding dress online and got married in the backyard with a handful of friends. ;)

I'll bet you've had a lovely start to your Friday. :)
Lvoe, Linda

Vanna said...

I will say congratulations to Prince William and his now Dutchess. I am happy that they were able to get beyond all the hype and hollar of their very VERY public lives and still look at each other with tender loving eyes.

Although I will have to say this and then I will digress:
-How many people in this world are starving. How many people die every day because their families can not afford healthcare. It saddens me that all this money is thrown into an royal wedding (which I guess if you are born into the right blood line and/or are very beautiful as Kate is can be deemed by some as acceptable)so many mouths could be fed.

I dont know...maybe I am being a little harsh and bitter considering my fresh and current break up??

Any ways ... congratulations.

janis said...

HA! Linda got a tad sucked into it :)
Anne thinking of you over the pond...see we all can rejoice in a wedding between two love birds.
Mark It's a girl thing.. Sergio would have nothing of it.
Vanna you are being too harsh Dear, read my post from today. Lots of charities will benefit from this Royal big Show...that is how it works, a lot of money has to be spent to make awareness and money flow into needs.