Thursday, April 21, 2011

[HQ] Katharine McPhee - Anybody's Heart (With Lyrics)

I love Katharine McPhee.
And I love this song. It was playing on my Ipod as I went on my evening walk through the neighborhood & thought I would share with you.
Hope you enjoy~

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Linda said...

I love Katharine McPhee as well - She was my favorite on American Idol that season and I had forgotten about her since, but I adore her voice and this is a beautiful song. She sounds very much like one of my old favorite, FAVORITES - Susan Ashton. Have you ever heard of her? She sang Christian music (later country) but her Christian music wasn't typical - she was a questioning kind of soul, like I am, and I appreciated her pure honesty. To me, there's nothing better in this world, than someone with a pure, honest heart, who doesn't pretend they have all the answers, who doesn't pretend that life is easy, but someone who looks at life for the great mystery that it is. I see that in you, Janis. I feel so blessed that we met through the blogger world. Thank you for your friendship. Thanks for sharing this song tonight.
Love, Linda