Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Have You Tried This?

I have been watching the commercials & anticipating the arrival of this Greek Yogurt to my local grocery store. It final came.  I bought one little container. Hubby was intrigued too so I gave him the spoon to take the first taste of what we were anticipating to be a smooth sweet tasty yogurt.
It was not.
Hubby teasingly took a rather large spoonful, and into his mouth it went.
His expression was priceless.
It was not sweet. It was not smooth. It was not tasty.
Unless you love sour cream... with a bit of texture.
Hubby HATES sour cream.
Hubby, like me, was expecting something different.
Kind of glad he wanted the first taste.
That's my two cents...I'm just saying...


Linda said...

No, I haven't tried it but I won't because I hate yogurt of all types, except maybe frozen. :)

Reality Jayne said...

I was in the check out line today and got my usual Yoplait Yogart, and the check out guy was trying to give me the sales pitch on the new greek yogart... I told him it was a "hyped up fad" and it was terrible....hehehe....blank look

An English Shepherd said...

Opps! I always sniff first!


Thanks for the insight. I was wondering and now I don't have to try it.

~Sandy said...

Uh oh!!! I saw it on TV but haven't tried it yet. It might be good to use in place of sour cream and may even be better for you...hmmm Thanks for letting us know not to expect sweet:)