Sunday, April 24, 2011

Geese Parade

The Easter parade I enjoyed today was not at church. Yes, we had our share of lovely ladies proudly wearing orchids and precious little ones in their Sunday best & Easter outfits. The church was overflowing with standing room only (and this was the fourth service of the day). It is rewarding and inspirational to see so many praising our Lord.
The parade I enjoyed came this afternoon, while preparing our Dinner. Hubby had gone out for a bike ride & hurried back in to let the girls & I know we had visitors. By time I grabbed the camera, they were already out of our yard & wandering along to another.
I have mentioned our neighboring Geese and how silly they have been lately. My neighborhood has a lot. We don't bother them & they don't bother us. (Then again, I live across the street from the pond, instead of having the pond adjacent to our yard).  Anyway, I knew that the goslings were starting to hatch. There has been much commotion and these silly geese have been rather vocal.
Aren't they precious???
They are just so adorable! The adults kind of surrounded the goslings as they crossed over the street and headed back to the pond. I was getting pretty close to get good photographs. One Goose kept hissing at me and looking at me like, "Hello? do not hear me, crazy lady?"


Bee Lady said...

First of all...cute little peepers.

Second....About your last post about Jesus and Easter Bunny and Santa Claus...Well said.

Cindy Bee

Pammy Sue said...

What a sweet sight, and on Easter no less! Glad you thought to grab your camera.

Linda said...

Ok, first off - Geese scare me. Every so often one will surprise me on my walk through the cemetery and it nears me as if it's going to charge. They've been known to attack people, lol, it's true. So, they scare me.

BUT.... I'll admit, the parade with the baby geese - too cute. :)

Great pictures and sounds like you had a nice day.

Scott said...

What a fun occurrence, and to happen on Easter is an added bonus. Good photos, too.

Reality Jayne said...

An Easter present.....I love baby animals

janis said...

Thanks all! They are so cute! They have such tiny little wings and faces! I will try to take more photos later when they go through that awkward ugly duckling stage :)
Linda~ When I was a toddler, we were feeding the ducks & geese at a pond, I slipped into the pond and was attacked. Actually the geese were trying to get to the bag of bread I was clenching but, of course I didnt realize that. It was quite frightful.. but I soon got over it. Still love them!

Lori ann said...


Anonymous said...

Those are super cute ;) Hope you had a great Easter

Carolynn said...

Now that's a parade worth waiting curbside for! You're lucky that goose didn't go for you. They can actually be quite vicious. Gotta watch your back with them. Glad you got your shots though and got away without a scratch.