Friday, April 1, 2011


Emily & Izzy
my daughter
she is amazing

sometimes life throws us a curve ball
sometimes things don't go according to our plan
you can curl up and cry
you can pick yourself up
brush yourself off
and start all over again

Em has been thrown the curve ball

she has chosen to be strong

she realizes that 

what doesn't destroy her
makes her stronger


experiences we endure
help us to become

that sometimes we need to 
listen & follow God's plan
to trust
that He is in charge
that He will see us through

with God
all things are possible


Julie Harward said...

What a beautiful daughter...she will always be such a blessing to you!
I have not played any tricks today..I might when hubbie gets home..just saying! ;D

Lori ann said...

I hope and pray all is well with your girl again. These are beautiful words Janis. Hugs!!


There's always a curve ball around every corner for kids growing up.
With three daughters we seemed to get our fair share. They've all got families of their own and doing well. So hang in with that beautiful daughter.
Life is all ups and downs and full of ebb and flow.
Just when you think things will never turn around, they do.
God bless.

Ma said...

Hi Janis!

Just saw you over on my blog...praying all is well for your daughter. Nice blog!!


rosaria said...

Best wishes for your beautiful daughter. And yes, we learn from every experience.

Mimi Sue said...

Your daughter is adorable. So is the kitty. Hope all will be well with her. Sometimes we don't see the "big picture" but the Lord always does. Praying for her. Mimi


As a parent, one of the harshest realities is that you cannot protect your children from the heartache, sadness, and pain that comes with living life on this planet. You also can't shield them from their own inexperience and mistakes. I now understand much better the wistful sigh my mother used to make, the silent shake of the head from my father, as they let go, and watched me leave the nest...

An English Shepherd said...

Nice picture, cool cat ;-)

Donna B said...

Hi Janis...I have a dog named Izzy (Izzabella). Your daughter is beautiful. Emily is one of my favorite names. I don't know what is wrong with your daughter, but I will pray for her.

Vanna said...

Janis, I am not just saying this because we are family, but woman you have the most GORGEOUS daughters!!!! Seriously!

Anonymous said...

love you mom