Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Days

My last post was rather morose, so flipping to a lighter note...
Although our snow has melted today, I have a few pictures that I took last week that I want to share. I hope they will give you some smiles and giggles.
Bandit chasing Riley
Dakota & his favorite toy enjoying the snow 
Old Man Rocky showing off his sweater to Riley


Pammy Sue said...

I love that argyle sweater on your cat. Ha-ha!

Love you too, girlfriend!

If you lived close to me, I'd come over there and grab your shoulders and shake you good and hard. Stop being so unhappy all the time! That's what I'd do.

And then I'd hug you and braid your hair.

janis said...

braid my hair? I love that! I miss the girls doing my hair. I also had to do all my Brownies, Girl Scouts, After-school care kids, and my own monkeys.
Im fine! I just need to vent so these feelings work out.
Reading you about your Floppy Boobs certainly helped put a smile on my face.
ohh, and Rocky's sweater use to belong to Dakota but he outgrew it and well, Rocky was cold being a skinny old man, so I made him wear it :)

Julie Harward said...

They are cute, especially that cat..very classy indeed! :D

Mark Pressley said...


Off subject but I found this Blog way fun pics and stories!! About old Irvington: http://vintageirvington.blogspot.com/

Linda said...

Adorable pictures of your cute furry friends. :) Looks like we're in for some more snow days this week beginning tomorrow... I actually would love a deep snow, where I couldn't go anywhere. Love being snowed in within a warm, cozy house.

Ziongirl said...

Are you kidding me! Rocky is the best dressed cat I know. Please don't bring him to my house....my two strays will call me in for "cute cat clothing abuse"
Ha Ha ♥♥♥

I am going to swing by Pammy sue's blog.....she sounds encourging.

JC said...

Cute snow pics. When it does it here, Maddy Jean, my Golden, runs around and I swear she does angels in the snow. At least her version....

Hope today is a good one for you ...

Kitty Stampede said...

Love them!!! that is one handsome kitty in argyle..wowzers..lol..does he mind it?

dogs in the snow is so much fun to watch..they just have an absolute ball. the none wussy ones that don't shiver & shudder do anyways..hahaha.

i didn't get a chance to read your sad post but i will get on that.

Bee Lady said...

Hi Janis, Still getting caught up on my blogfriends since I didn't have wifi last week. Your pets are cute, and of course, love that sweater on the cat. I wonder why dogs insist on taking their toys outside with them? My little dog, Dixie, does that too, then he doesn't bring it back in.

I had a rough week last week too. I think we're having a hard winter this year. Very little sunshine, lots of cold and snow. Windshield is supposed to be -12 tomorrow and of course, right now we're getting that snow storm they've been warning us about. Quick everyone, run to the grocery store!

Isn't it great that blog stories can make you laugh. I was telling my stitchery friends about Pammy Sue's floppy boob story last night!

Right now I'm gonna go check out that Irvingtong website Mark spoke of. One time our family went on a ghost tour there at Halloween time. It was VERY interesting and fun. And my husband and I went on a home and garden tour there. Loved it. Great, quaint town. If they still have the coffee shop, get out of the house when the storm breaks and go for a latte'. That'll cheer you up!

Cindy Bee

janis said...

Thank you friends~
You are all so wonderful.
Mark~ thank you for giving me the link to the Irvington blog! LOVE IT! Julie~ he is classy. Cindy~ yes, I agree that the weather adds to my depression. I love the snow, but hate the rainy melty crap we had this past week. It is so BEAUTIFUL coming down now (I already ran to the store yesterday & library!). Linda~ are you loving it? Brooke~ Rocky would DIE if he knew other cats saw him. He use to be a big ole alley cat that was very macho! JC~ Dakota loves to roll in the snow & I always think those are his snow angels too. Kitty S~ my dogs are no wuzzies when it comes to snow. Now cold rain...another story! Cindy~ Yes Dakota always leaves them out & he isnt allowed to take them out but sneaks them out a lot. I LOVE Pam's blog & have been following her for 3 years. The friendships I have formed through Blogland is amazing. Im glad you are checking out the Irvington Blog! The ghost tours from Irvington Ghost Tours are awesome! And the coffee shop you mentioned is Lazy Daze and yes, great coffee! I grew up in the Irvington area, and went to High School there.