Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sign Me Up

I am in the process of becoming a hospital volunteer.  It is a long process.
When my Aunt became disabled and required time in the hospital, and later in a nursing home, I spent much time visiting her. I became very aware of all the people that help make these experiences more valuable and tolerable. I started thinking I would do well working in these environment. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a real job within.
I have discovered they will take me without a salary.
I decided to go with the local Catholic hospitals (where we go when necessary).  They have three locations, two that I would be interested in.
My first step was inquiring online on their website. Second, fill out the 7 page inquiry, including allowing them to do a background criminal and reference check. I completed and returned in November. They finally called me a couple of weeks ago, to proceed with step three, Orientation. I was sent more paperwork, and required to take a test, and bring with me to the orientation. I meet with other volunteer hopefuls and the Coordinators this past Tuesday. More paperwork, sizing for the "uniform" {choice of a burgundy polo or a navy vest. First I choose the polo, but then changed my mind and with with the vest as I can keep it cleaner & its more versatile. The orientation was informative and I am very impressed that one has to go through so much just to volunteer. They take it seriously and one must know and agree to the rules, mission statement, and confidentiality.
I still feel really good about volunteering. Actually even more convinced.
I have three more steps. I will be called for my interview, to decide where I am a best fit. I will have a "shadow day" to give it a trail. Finally, if I am still in... the blood test & screenings and my ID badge will be made.
They expect a six month commitment, and I have already discussed the possibility of changing hours, should someone actually hire me for a real paying job.
I am hoping to be placed in one of two areas: Hospice or "The Help Program" which is a program for Geriatric Care.  I love the elderly and I have great patience with them. I think our elderly have such wonderful stories to tell us, and we can learn so much from them. As for Hospice, dying is something we all must do, I try to see things from a good prospective view. I feel I would be a great asset for either.
I feel a calling to do this. So many advantages for me. To feel needed. To feel helpful. To make others smile. To give back. And possible, find something networking or getting discovered or even discovering a career within the hospital. Who knows? I just know that this is something I need to do.


JC said...

Let us know how it goes. I've thought I might volunteer .. if my old body would let me.

ellen abbott said...

good for you. my mother did volunteer work but I don't think it was because she really wanted to do it so much as it was expected of her as a 'doctor's wife'. still...

I wish I had the time and freedom to do that. I know that sounds like an excuse. I just try to do the extra kindness when I am out and about instead.

Queen of...Whatever said...

It seems like a difficult process to be a volunteer....Hang in there...and good luck.. Thans for coming to my blog ...i am putting u on my Blogette list

An English Shepherd said...

Good luck, sounds like a great idea :-)

Bee Lady said...

Hi Janis,

I think it's great you are going to volunteer. My parents volunteered for awhile, but then Mom was offered a job in the gift shop so she started working for pay. You'll meet a lot of people volunteering and sooner or later I'm sure you'll probably be offered a paying job. Good luck with it.

Cindy Bee

Linda said...

Jan, I think that you would be a great Volunteer! I know from working in a hospital for the past 23 years that the hospital could NEVER survive without their volunteers<3
Good Luck