Monday, January 17, 2011

On Another Book Run!

I am in love with another Author!
I just finished my first novel by Francine Rivers. 
I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!!! Oh my Gosh! It has been so long since an author captivated me like this. I felt her characters joy and sorrow. I read through 30 years of a family's saga at the turn of the twentieth century. It begins in Switzerland, and journeys us through Europe, Canada and America.
I am going to the library tomorrow to pick up my second novel from Ms. Rivers. This one actually came out prior to "Her Mother's Hope", but I am getting these from the library and I am not the only person loving her writings. I am also waiting for the second part of the two part series Marta's Legacy (1st being "Her Mother's Hope"). titled "Her Daughter's Dream".  These from Marta's Legacy is based off Francine's Grandmother & Mother relationship. OH MY GOSH! So I find out today, after finishing 483 pages.. this is based on true facts! No wonder I felt this wonderful kinship. 

Francine Rivers has been a successful writer for 30 years. In 1986 she became a born-again Christian and wrote Redeeming Love as a statement of her faith. (I can't wait to start it! it's based on retelling the biblical story of Gomer & Hosea, set during the gold rush of California. It has held a spot on the Christian Best Seller List for nearly a decade.)

My cousin, Shari, just recommended I should read Karen Kingsbury too. Anxious to try her out as well. The way, Shari talked about her, I think I will be just as mesmerised!

Oh what joy! I was in such a Book rut, and I am tickled pink to find something I really like again ☻


Julie Harward said...

They look good, it is so fun to find a book to really connect with isn't it! I have a hard time sitting down to read but when I do, I have to finish it! :D

Reya Mellicker said...

When I moved last summer I SWORE I would not collect any more books.

Broke that oath as soon as I recovered from schepping all my books.

JC said...

I used to love reading a good book. Just like you mentioned, the kind you can't put down. After my coma, five years ago, my eyes are not what they used to be.