Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Little Self-Indulgence

I treated myself to a little pamper me time. A while back I discovered the marvelous The Indiana Therapeutic Massage School . Oh my... Bliss.
If you are an Indy person, and do not want to spend mega bucks, this is the place to go.
The students have so many clinical hours to do before completing their course. So, ITMS opened their doors to the public. 18 dates per month to schedule gives plenty of opening. A basic one hour massage is $30.00, add the services of Hot Stone, Body Wrap, or Salt Glow (I recommend!) add $10.00.  Want state certified graduates to give you a Spa Massage, scheduling to your needs, add $15.00.

I have only been here twice, and both times were wonderful. I can see the difference in skill levels, however, $30.00? Need I say more! I can honestly say these students are very well trained before starting clinic hours.

The place isn't fancy, however, clean, and modest. My first experience, I got a student that was just a few hours shy of completion of the course. She was FABULOUS! We had a private room, that was quite and peaceful. She had just the right amount of pressure and I melted on the table. This morning, my student was rather new, yet very good as well, and we got the room that is with two students/clients divided by a curtain. It also is right next to the reception area so it wasn't as quite.  They pump that soothing yoga music throughout the building which is wonderful and relaxing, but still slightly odd hearing my "neighbor".
Jacklyn worked out the knot in my shoulder, which I am very grateful for. I must come more often! I am way too tense and although the location of the school isn't convenient, it is so worth the drive!

Time for tea! Might as well make a whole day about me!


Queen of...Whatever said...

What the?.....i didnt know you were here in Indiana with me. How did I not know this?

An English Shepherd said...

pamper me time sounds nice :-)

Mark Pressley said...

I have been doing massage for years, you may want to look into Reiki I think you would find a healing benifit from it, Nancy swears by Acupuncture.