Saturday, January 1, 2011

Letting Go of 2010

As 2010 has ended, and the start of our new year has begin, I reflect on things I had to let go of.  Change is good, even when difficult. I have learned in my years that nothing is set in stone and just when you think you have things down packed and figured out, just when you think you can relax...
things can change.
I have had an interesting year.
I have learned much.  I like to think I have become a stronger person for the events that have transpired over this year. I know that I have gained much.
This year I have had to say goodbye to loved ones.  A few deaths, and a few parting of ways. In losing my Aunt this past November, I was able to spend some very quality visits with her in the months prior to her death.
Her dying taught me to grab those I love, and let them know that I care, that I love them. To make a difference while I have the opportunity, and to never take someone for granted.
I have also learned to let go of a few relationships, that were not in my best interest. I can't change people nor is it my responsibility. After you give your all into a relationship, sometimes it is better to let go and let the person go their way. Their happiness is just as important. If they do not see things the way I do, that is okay. It's their lives not mine. Time to move on.

This year I was Blessed to rekindle some relationships as well. Through my Aunt's death, I strengthened some family relationships and even found a few cousins that I have not had contact with in some time. That is the best gift... to find a loved one.
Amazingly the social network Facebook has brought me some old friends that I have enjoyed immensely getting to know again and see how life has brought them to where they are. Realizing who is important and who cares. Who'd have known? For these "new rekindled" friendships, I am very grateful.  I also have found it wonderful to "catch up" on family that live far. I have the opportunity to follow up and see pictures and feel close to loved ones through this.  As well, as knowing when someone needs an extra prayer. I also have gotten to know a few of my Blogger friends better this year and am so grateful for these precious friendships.

I lost my job this year. Which, although was not a surprise (the position was temporary & my department closing was a known fact going into the job), I am surprised how at ease I am and not fretful in being unemployed.  I continue to search for a job, but have a certain serenity about not working.  I am hoping to at least be accepted into a volunteer program with a local hospital.

My Hubby and daughters are great.  The girls have grown into such lovely women that I could not be more proud of. My Hubby is splendid~ I am truly blessed.

So with that said, I welcome 2011. I look forward to a year full of opportunity. A year that I will give 110% and appreciate every day that God gives me.
Love to you all and Happy 2011♥


Linda said...

Happy New Year, Janis. ♥

I always like to read your posts - they're thought-provoking.

I'll never entirely view change as good though - because I can't see how death can ever be good. I have a certain amount of dread when it comes to facing this new decade. I know there will be good times but I know, in reality - I'm going to be facing the hardest time of my life and I can't embrace that. I'll deal with it, but probably badly at times, as I know myself more than anyone.

At any rate, I enjoyed your post and I wish you and your sweet family a most blessed 2011.

Linda :)

Pammy Sue said...

We made it another year, Janis! Hope your 2011 is great!

Lori ann said...

I want to wish you and your husband and beautiful daughters a most Happy Healthy New Year, and everything you hope for Janis!

An English Shepherd said...

Happy New Year Janis to you and yours :-)


Mark Pressley said...

What a great post it has a sound of serenity about it, you must be learning to breathe.

Good for you
Happy New year from one of your 2010's new found friends.

Kristen In London said...

What a lovely, measured response to a complex year, Janis. I am proud to count myself among your "reconnected" friends, I hope. Happy 2011!

Fire Byrd said...

Sounds like all the learning you did in 2010 is going to pay off in the future as you feel more secure in your own skin. It's so important to be at peace with ourselves and then those around us. Well done you, here's to another year of you and self discovery!
Happy New Year

ellen abbott said...

onwards and upwards!