Friday, January 7, 2011

Bandit's New "Clothes"

I have been having a "problem" with my Bandit ever since Dakota came to live with us. That would be 3 years. He is an insecure dog.. he accepted Riley (she was in the household before Bandit). But, when Dakota came to live with us, Bandit became very jealous, he seems to love Dakota, /they are pretty inseparable and even chose to cuddle up and sleep together. The problem is he started "marking" territory. Huge problem.. I have tried so many things to break him of this. It's not like he has to pee... He will pee in 4-10 spots outside. I would think he is "empty"... but noooooooo. Next thing I know he has tinkled a bit on the door frame, chair, etc. (I know, pretty gross). I should have stock in Nature's Miracle & Odor Ban!
Anyway...  I think I have found a solution that will work. Fingers are crossed!
How about that?  I did a little research online and found many colors, sizes and types. Today I checked our local PetsMart and found they carried this one.
We tried it on Bandit, but first sidetracked him with new treats.
3 dog chews & Bandit's nose
Bandit choose first. But Riley and Dakota also got one.
Dakota got the pink icing one
Riley with her choice
Now please don't laugh, Bandit is sensitive, he barely noticed it.

Isn't he cute?
Surprisingly, he didn't try to pull it off. He was so happy to have free run of the house.  And of course, there was the distraction of that treat.
Eventually, he did try to lift his leg and mark a well made diaper, it absorbed in the "wrap".
He is naked again right now, and sad to be back in my office/their room. But his wrap is in the washer and we will give it a another try.
Stylist Pup, eh? I think he looks pretty good in his new "clothes".


Bee Lady said...

Hi there. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I still think the birds are a bigger thing than what they are telling us. But it's all hush hush now. Have you noticed? And what a weird thing huh? To have a blogger in Texas connect us, and we live about an hour or so away. I live in Kokomo!

OK- so I have to admit, but don't tell bandit. I laughed when I saw the diaper! You probably haven't read my blog, but I'm about ready to contact "victoria" the dog training lady on Animal Planet, with problem I am having with a Welsh Terrier. We just adopted him and he has done some territory marking, but we got him a cage for when we are gone. Well Most dogs will not "go" in their cage. He does! He poops all over the place! I have cleaned and washed his bed three times....last night, I threw it out! Why we do what we do for animals is beyone me.


Julie Harward said...

That is funny, I didn't even know they made such things! ;D

Em said...

Hi Janis,
its so great to hear from you and to make a new friend!!
Now I think I can explain how to put my badge on your blog...
you need to copy and save the image to your PC (i just stick them on my desktop) then open the 'design' tab at the top of your blog page , then select 'add a gadget' from the side menu...ok so far?
Then you select 'add a picture' this gives you the oppurtunity to upload the badge and copy and paste the URL of my giveaway page etc.
It sounds confusing but truly it isn't, really if I can do it anyone can.
Love Em xxxxxxxxxx