Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bad Bad Dog!

Do you remember when I blogged about Bandit thinking about leaping over my pass through?
Well, I ended up having to move table top that sat on his crate so he couldn't jump up here anymore. He tried once and realized his feet get tangled in the crate wires and could get hurt, so he hasn't tried again lately. For a while...
Today he went Koo Koo as I put the gate up keeping Dakota and Bandit in my office (the room on the other side of my kitchen). They get enclosed every night and when we leave so this should not have been a big deal.
HOWEVER~ Miss Riley girl had to tattle and let the boys know that she was getting to go on an exclusive walk. Which Mr Jealous Bandit when crazy! Barking, howling and jumping around. Then it happend.. The big dummy climbed up the window, fell in the sink, knocking over and breaking stuff, then CRASHING from the kitchen counter to the floor. Lucky he didn't hurt himself, break a leg, or NECK!
Little P*ckerhead!
He had a timeout in the crate.
He has been a naughty boy lately. He keeps peeing in his little Male Wrap. (He really hates wearing it once he has wet himself. But he can't be trusted without it). He also jumped up on me the other night, tearing through my favorite pajama bottoms and scratching my knee. Lately he is just really being a jealous naughty little dog!
Even Dakota has been a bit mischievous and starting trouble. And the cats have been too. What the heck?
Bunch of hooligans! They are lucky I love them so much!


Em said...

Wow what is it with badly behaved pets at the moment??
Coco peed on our bed while Scott was sleeping in it today!!
And she keeps chewing at bits on my daughters expensieve handbag...Oh well!!
Enjoy your sunday.
Love Em xxxxxx

Tina said...

Sounds like you've had your hands full with them. Right now, I only have my sweet little chihuahua and she's been behaving very nicely. Which surprises me since I've been out of town so much. I usually come home to torn up magazines or pee on my bathroom floor!
Hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for you all!

Queen of...Whatever said...

You need to get with Cidy Bee on this Doggy Wee wee stuff. The diaper is something she needs for her Welsh Terrier.....for sure. He pees on her yarn.....ick!