Friday, September 10, 2010

The Right Choice

What drives someone to make the choices they make?
Common Sense?

I would lie to believe that all of these factors are involved. For me anyway. I just hope that I am using the correct references at the right time. I would hope that I am capable of rationalizing the differences as to making a reasonable decision and not taking an easier more convenient way.

Who decides what the "right thing" is? If you disagree with me, does that make you right? Or me?

I think we must remember that a decision is a trickle of events to occur. Your decision may impact my decision and so on. How I handle a decision can offset other decisions. With that in mind, I carefully weigh out my choices.

It is important to me at this time in my life, to remember how does this affect me?

I too often choose the decision that will make the most happy. Too please those I love. Forget to look at how will it effect my happiness.

I do believe I can respect one's choices and still not be supportive of them. It is what I have decided to attempt. Even when respecting one's decision, it can be difficult, knowing the cost it will take.

Recently, a friend made a decision that I feel is wrong. She is doing what she feels will bring her the most happiness. I love her and therefore want her to be happy. I have been pondering her decision, her consequences, her reasoning. I have prayed for her, and I have prayed for those involved. However, it is too difficult to push the past away. People may change, but cruelty is a hard one to forgive and forget. Memories of her pain, losing herself and her dignity are hard to erase. She has struggled. She has gone through many hills and valleys these past few years. I just can't find it in me to let that all be swept under the rug and embrace a decision to go back to something that nearly completely destroyed her.

I can't support it. In doing so, I understand that consequences are attached. It will be painful for me but necessary. I have to look at how these decisions affect me. Sometimes I think I am not as strong but then I realize that actually I am stronger. Therefore, this decision I have made is the right one. Right for me. Right for those that will be affected through me.

Life is full of choices. But, we only get one life. You have to make your decisions carefully. The impact can change that one life you have to live.


lakeviewer said...

I like this! Yes, we have many choices, but only one life. We better weigh our choices carefully. Thanks for your visit, Janis, especially today!

lakeviewer said...

p.s. I lost your connection, so, I'm signing up again.

Fire Byrd said...

In the therapy training I did the ethos was that we are only ever responsible for our own choices.But we also live in a world with others so sometimes our choices are influenced by what we perceive as their needs. So knowing this we still have to make decisions. And when we make our own decisions, right or wrong by anybody elses choices, then we only have ourselves to blame if it goes wrong!Cause there is nothing worse than blaming others for how we feel in my book. That's what keeps me in work!