Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Favorite Television "Sport"

While some people love to watch Football as the fall is beginning, I have another love that I am excited for new seasons to start. I have never been a very competitive person, however I can not even begin to tell you how much I love to watch the "competition" on the following shows.

1. Project Runway. Has already begun and we are well into episode. I am currently rooting for Valerie & Mondo. I am amazed that these designers can come up with the incredible creations in a nano second. Although I have been a tad more impressed with previous designers, I am enjoying the drama in this season. I catch this one on Lifetime Channel Thursday evenings.

2. America's Next Top Model. Oh Tyra Tyra Tyra! You had me at, "you wanna be on top?" I LOVE this show! It started 7 years ago when the girls were 12 and 14. IT was THE SHOW, that we enjoyed watching together, picking our favorites and enjoyed for the next several years. We dreamed of them being on it and what would you dos. It was my sure ticket date night with the girls. However, now that the girls are off to college, I typically watch solo, then chat to them or my Sis about it later. Last night was the premiere and I was as giddy as a young girl, watching and hoping along with them as they learned who would be the chosen 14 to start the competition. I'm leaning toward Ann and Kayla. Kind of the underdogs. I like them. It is my Wednesday night show. Catch it on the CW.

3. Finally, we have the upcoming~ Dancing With the Stars. Oh how I love this one! Not only do I get to enjoy the "stars" they have tons of guest stars that are so entertaining as well. I sit with phone in hand and vote every vote I can get out. A little disappointed with this season's line up. Really, did we need Sarah Palin's daughter? Bristol? She is hardly a star, certainly not a role model! But, I am sure she will not last and soon the competition will get intense I imagine with Brandy and Rick Fox. I am hoping Margaret Cho will surprise everyone will talent galore! Monday and Tuesdays will occupy my evenings on ABC.

I will occasionally watch The Bachelor/ Bachelorette, Big Brother, and America Idol (especially in the crazy early auditions with the crazies). I will admit that I have seen some of the really awful stuff like Brett Michael's Rock of Love, SuperNanny,Wife Swap, and a few other wacky ones... Remember Farmer Gets a Wife, The Surreal Life, and Tool Academy? Okay, truth be known, on a boring night when Sergio is out of town, there is nothing better than a glass a wine & Daisy Love or Flava of Love.

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