Monday, September 13, 2010

Indiana Foliage

Today I ran to Bath & Body Works for a candle sale.  I got 4 candles in splendid autumn scents. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Spiced Cider, Cinnamon & Clove Buds, & Fresh Balsam {okay~ that one is a little more Christmasy}. This weekend's fall breeze has me giddy for the Fall.
I am not your average Summer gal, not even a Ahhh Spring kind of girl. I love Christmas, but not a real Winter Baby either. I am an OH MY GOSH! I LOVE FALL kind of woman.

The smells, the sounds, the colorful outdoor canvas, the cool crisp air. I would love to live in the mountains or hills overlooking valleys, a lake, ravine, or canyons.

This is the one time I love most about living in Indiana. Our foliage is amazing. The colors vivid.

I can't wait for the leaves to start changing and falling! 

For as long as I can remember, I went to a small town called Nashville, Indiana. It is in the heart of our Beloved Broun County. People swarm the streets and the breath taking State Park to get a glimpse of Mother Nature at work.
This photo above is a favorite spot of mine and I have returned to the same spot so many years.
There is something about this place that brings life to me. I need it. I want it. From when I was a child, to the teen years, through adulthood sharing with Sergio & our girls. It is magical.
Sergio & I use to take the motorcycle down, and have stayed the night in the Brown County Inn.  We have camped (yes, I have been camping) we have hiked, and I love to shop the lovely little Nashville Village too.

The candles have brought me back.  I am so excited to have fall in the air! I will make a point of going a couple of times this fall. And I will take pictures to share instead of borrowing these!
However, please go to or for more information and photos.



Fall is hands down my favorite season. I do temporarily have a change of heart and love the season that I'm experiencing, but overall fall can't be beat.

I loved your fall photos and the blog art as well. Beautiful.

Thanks and blessings during this bountiful - in beauty - season.

pink dogwood said...

I love fall as well. I grew up in India where leaves didn't change colors - at least not where I lived. So when I came here, the first fall took my breath away. It still manages to do that after 26 years here - each fall without fail. Looking forward to more fall pictures.

Linda said...

Oh Janis, I ADORE this post!!

First of all, Nashville Indiana has been on my list for a while. We've wanted to go there and stay in a cabin with a hot tub out on the porch, lol. There is a long list of lovely places to stay on the tourist site.

Secondly, I adore Indiana and our favorite fall activity is there - the annual Covered Bridge Festival! We're not far from the Indiana line though the festival is about an hour away from us.

I used to always love Autumn as well. I'm a November birthday girl and there is indeed something very magical about Autumn. It was always my favorite season. But... now for some reason, I can't seem to capture my same love for it. The past years when Sarah's been in school, it's bothered me because Autumn signifies the transition period at the beginning of school and I'm usually very stressed out. Also.... it's a melancholy time of year for me with the approach to Christmas. As my parents have aged, it's just made me more and more sad when Autumn (and winter) has come along.

I hope to regain my love for this beautiful season. Maybe this year. Maybe your post has inspired me. Thanks. :)

lakeviewer said...

Ah, glad to know your favorite season is coming up. What's not to like, beautiful colors, yummy tasty foods, a crisp feel in the air. Lovely.

JC said...

You are right about Fall and it's colors. Me, I like a warm Spring day or a cooler Summer one. I get so many cloudy / rainy days that I like the warmth.

Mark Pressley said...

The one time a year Indiana wins hands down over the rest of the country.

I would add football and chili to your list.

Ziongirl said...

Fall/ Autumn is the very very very best time of the year!!! Like you it is my favorite! It's our time girlfriend!..