Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall in the Air

Last week we had temperatures reaching the 90's. With the arrival of Earl on the East coast (some 700 miles away from us in Indianapolis) we have had quite the change in weather. The air is cool, the breeze pleasant and the temperatures closer to the 50's (current temp is 55).
I love it!
This is my favorite kind of weather.
The evening breeze is wonderful. Almost too cold. Just the way I like it. This morning as I took the dogs out, I noticed I could see my breath. Now if we would get a first frost, my allergies would go away.
In Indiana, we are Blessed with the most beautiful watercolors in the heart of Fall. The vivid colors are incredible.
The cool crisp air is bringing the change of colors in our autumn leaves a bit early. The yellows are beginning, soon to be followed by reds, purples and browns.
This afternoon my youngest will be in town and Sergio, Annie & I will try to get to the RibFest. It looks like it is going to be a perfect day for it.


ellen abbott said...

A bit early to be that cool for me. Yesterday it was sweltering. today it's cooler with a nice breeze. I've got the door open.

Linda said...

Sounds like you're having a great weekend, Janis. :)

I too welcomed the cooler air after the extremely, long, hot summer that we've had and it's been wonderful for me to work out in the yard again.... but... while Autumn used to be my favorite season, I'm always sad now at the ending of Summer. More so, because I love using our pool. I know there will still be hot days to come in September, and sometimes even a few in October, so we'll get some pool time in before we close it for the season, but the days are few now.

I'm also left with feelings of disbelief that yet another summer has come and gone and I'm reminded of the coming holiday season and seeing the end of my parents' life coming closer and closer. So, yes, I still love Autumn, but it's a melancholy time for me.

JC said...

This week has really felt like Fall. Clouds and wind. Almost like Summer went away over night.

lakeviewer said...

Hi Janis, great to see you're having a great weekend. I read your previous post too and you're on to something. Not everything happens by choice. Most of our circumstances are accidents of sorts.

I'm of the opinion that bad luck can come anytime, to anyone. Those with means can weather such bad runs; those without, need a helping hand.

Mark Pressley said...

You are hurting my ears.