Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I really am shook up.  Don't worry, I'm okay... It really is petty, but eweeeee!
Took the dogs outside, just like every night. In my jammies, just like every night. Standing in the middle of the yard waiting for everyone to, uhm, take care of business. Nice night. Nice breeze. Starry sky.

Everything seems fine. All three dogs are, Good Dogs! WE head back in. I'm sitting on the couch chatting with Sergio looking at my foot telling him,I think something bit me. He's talking about burning some wood this week to get spiders away from it, telling me, ahh you'd know if you got bit. I show him a tiny bite mark on my foot, then notice a tingly feeling and see SOMETHING CRAWLING INSIDE MY PANT LEG! This is what fell out!
Now, mind you I am so kind to every creature... I get teased for saving bugs. Why, I even spend ten minutes carefully removing a tiny spider out of my tub without "hurting" it.
I freaked out! Ripped my jammies off! Sergio is yelling to get it! Get a plastic cup! (Big bug squish would leave a big mess.  Why is he not getting it for me?) I run back in {minus my jammies} from the kitchen with my cup & napkin. The Wolf Spider starts to run but I caught it.  Sergio starts to tell me what to do but I can't kill it, he'll have to deal with it.  I run to the shower...just in case, and to get that feeling off me.  He then reports to me it was a pregnant spider... The babies came out when he killed her :(... Now I feel bad.

At least it wasn't one of these big guys!
Now I am off to have nightmares... Good night~


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lakeviewer said...

Oh no! Watch that bite, and see a doctor if the bite swells up. It happened to me, in the same way, and I had to drive myself with socks on, without shoes, as my feet got too swollen.

Lori ann said...

well now i'm going to have nightmares too. OMG. YUCK. AGGGGGGG.

janis said...

Sorry~ I don't remember my dream so I don't think I had nightmares. Lori~ I can't imagine you having bug nightmares. You have seen HUGE SCARY things on your travels. Rosaria~ Im fine, not even sure the spider was what bit me. It's so tiny & none painful. Also Wolf Spiders are very harmless, they just look mean. Ariam~ don't worry I won't bring any to work :)

Herrad said...

Hi Janis, What a horrible shock for you hope you recovered quickly.

janis said...

Part II
The Big Daddy has come looking for his little Misses! He stood up to me in my walk in closet, as if demanding to know where his family was. I ran to get a cup (because I can't kill him) and when I came back he ran (quickly) across and under things till he got himself back behind some china I am storing for a friend. I can't "deal" with it till right now. If my migrane substains this evening I will go a hunting in the walk in. However, rest asure, he will be captured & eleased ...away from the house :)