Sunday, September 12, 2010

45 +Years of Brotherhood

Once upon a time some little boys lived in a neighborhood. They were a bunch of your little average Joe's. They didn't see that they came from different backgrounds. Italian, Hispanic, Catholic, Methodist, as well as other differences, it didn't matter. They were all the same age and they played together in the neighborhood.

It was a time that little boys got out of bed, then ran off to play with the "guys". They played sports together. They helped each other with chores. Sunrise to sunset.

They were a pack. There were several of these friends. They shared more than good times. More than laughs and more than tears. They shared families. They shared their lives.

Some forty five years later. They remain like brothers. They have survived marriages and divorces. Births of children and deaths of parents. They have buried a few friends along the way.

Recently, I had the pleasure of being a fly on the wall, and enjoy the company of 6 of these friends. My hubby had some of them over as one from out of town was visiting. After I went to bed, I occasionally heard "belly laughs" coming from the front room.  My hubby actually stayed up past 1:30am. They had a wonderful visit.

They must do this more often! They need it. We all need it. To be able to keep a friendship a lifetime is truly priceless. This band of Brothers, they are absolutely wonderful!

(These photos are of the evening. Still trying to figure the new format w/ blogger. 
photo one is of Anthony, Sergio, Kyle, Rob & Brian.
photo two is Brian, Kyle, Mark, Sergio & Rob)


pink dogwood said...

this is so nice - wishing them manu, many years of happy friendship :)

Lori ann said...

It is indeed a wonderful thing, makes me smile! :)