Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Traveling Abroad

Annie, Nathan & Michelle
My niece Michelle is home from her year of study in Germany. She looks wonderful. She lived a healthy lifestyle while there. This photo was taken at a local bike shop, where we met up with her as she decided on a bicycle purchase. Riding was her main source of transportation, and she is missing her German bike riding!
Michelle loves Germany. She is already missing her friends and family. A particular young man as well. She is planning a year of study here, at DePauw University. Then, she wants to go back to Germany and go to a University there.
My Sister, Julie, and husband, Brent, had a wonderful welcome home party for her a couple of weeks ago. She had a nice mix of family and friends. I loved seeing Michelle. I wasn't able to chat much with her, as she was the Fraulein Michelle was in demand by all. I look forward to upcoming gatherings as I am anxious to her of her adventures.
My Emily, has a few friends that have or will be traveling abroad this year. One of her Roommates will spend a semester in France, I believe, studying Culinary Classes. Emily and Annie also have a few friends that are or will travel due to military.
Frankly, the selfish Worry-Wart Mom that I am, makes me glad the girls haven't gone out of the United States. I hope they will have an opportunity in the future, but, I feel they are safer here. I realize several of my readers won't like that comment, and I apologize for any ill feeling I may cause. Particularly to my friends in the UK, Australia and Canada. I love you all and would love to travel to your beautiful countries one day. But, I am not crazy about my 18 and 20 year old daughters going across the state lines let alone the country borders. Traveling is kindof scary these days.
Heck, everything is scary lately.


Anonymous said...

I love travel, too. But the sad part is when you had to leave and can't help but miss your family and friends.^^

Linda said...

My daughter is only 13 and has been invited to stay in France with my dear old friend and her family (she has daughters my daughter's age and they are now penpals like my friend and I were initially some 30 years ago). If we have the money, I would love to send her to France to stay with them when she's in High School because I think it would be a marvelous experience for her. I know what you mean, but being that she's travelled out of my sight since she was just a couple of weeks old, I'm kind of used to letting her go, even if it means out of the country.

It's wonderful that your niece had these great experiences. :)