Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Baby Bird in Her New Nest

Here's the Baby with her roommate! Wednesday was a lovely day to move in. All went well. The loft Bed, along with the rest of the stuff, was carried up by the sweet Fraternity Boys that helped. (Thank you Sig Eps!) You are wonderful! We had Annie, Sergio, Emily, Nathan, and Me. As well as Ashley , Melissa (Mom) and Ralph (Dad). The Dad's and Nathan, got the Loft together. And the girls got their room together rather quickly. The Futon will come next week. We just wanted them to get settled first with all their major junk. Ashley who is friends with Annie from New Palestine, is also majoring in Journalism. Her parents went to the same High School that Sergio & I did. Ralph and I ran with the same crowd! Although, Ralph is a year behind me. Melissa is several years younger. It is so funny that here we are all these years later, with our children as friends. They are great and have an awesome daughter. I think it is safe to say these young women could become Lifers.

The girls are in a dorm that houses 1,900 students. It is mostly Freshmen. It is co-ed. It is eight floors of student life.
The girls are on the eighth floor. The elevator goes to the 6th. Then you either walk up or down. It does not stop on 2nd-5th. So, I guess it isn't so bad. The kids don't seem to mind. I must say, the view is lovely. I see Annie & Ashley's room from this shot! I won't tell though, never know if a creeper is reading!

I am proud of how well the day went.
I am proud of how well I kept it together (okay, yes a few tears flowed, but it was all good. The facet didn't start till I was out of Annie's range).
Please understand, I could not be more proud of her and her accomplishments. She is amazing! She is independent and she is very smart. She is likable, downright lovable and is a magnet of people. She is a friendly person that makes everyone feel good. She will make new friends. She will join clubs, sororities, love her classes, she will succeed. My Annie will thrive!

My problem is strictly selfish.
I will miss her. I will feel not needed, I will worry and be Mom.
Did I do enough? Did I raise her well? Did I prepare her? Will she still need me?
I know the answers. But, I still feel the pain. I feel the fear.

We also enjoyed Emily's company. Although Sergio had to get back to Indy earlier than I, Emily helped me keep it together and not crowd Annie's new venture. I ended the day taking Annie, Emily along with their Roomies, Ashley and Dana, to Scottie's Brewhouse for dinner. Although we had the worse Waitress, I completely enjoyed the girls.

My Babies are in a great place and time. I am so glad that they are experiencing this together in the same town! I feel relieved that they are close and have each other to lean on.

Annie has been in Muncie for 36 hours now. I am happy to say I have received 14 texted messages from her today.

Life is good. I am Blessed.


lakeviewer said...

She is all grown up. Now, you have to evolve too, take the next step, reassess your new opportunities. It will take a while, but you'll enjoy your new you.

Linda said...

This is a lovely post, sad but lovely. I feel your pain. I'm glad she's all settled in though and I know you'll both do great!

Mark said...

We raise them to be strong and solid adults and we want them to be successful in life but yet it breaks our hearts when the baby birds fly. I want my kids to go out in the world and kick its butt yet as soon as they are ready to try something, I hurt… double edged sword.

Ziongirl said...

Yes.......You are blessed. I'm sure you have raised them well. It is the circle of life. Now's time to focus on you and your I think I said before...I still see a school bus and sometimes cry but I love the memories it brings back to me when the girls were little. The next step will be your looking forward to the day when you have grandchildren.......and it is the best!!! Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog. You are a wonderful blogging friend.

Lisa said...

I found your blog through Human Kind of Human. I left my baby girl at college a week ago too. I understand how you feel. Bittersweet. We will get through this though! Best to you!