Monday, August 10, 2009

The Almost Moon

I finished reading this book, "The Almost Moon" by Alice Sebold, last month. I have passed it along, as it is not a keeper. It was one of the most disturbing stories that I have read.
Sebold also wrote, "The Lovely Bones" and "Lucky" which I loved. She writes so well and had me devouring every page of these first two books.
"The Almost Moon" , was ...different. She writes of a woman that does something shocking in the first chapter, and for the next 24 hours continues to make horrible choices. Sebold, takes you back and forth from the past to present, so we can better understand the main character.
Usually, I can transform into the main character when I read a good book. I hated this stupid character.
I continued to read page after page, just sure it would get better. I had read a bad review or two, but pooh-poohed them. I mean, it's Alice Sebold! She writes sooo good.
Okay everyone is entitled to a flop. Although, you may not think this is a flop.
It is interesting in some warp way.
Much like an automobile accident on the highway. You are stuck in traffic forever. Creeping along. You know it's bad because the lane is closed. You approach, and you have to look. Trying to see what happen, who, and how. Because your curious.
That is how the book was for me. I hated it, yet I wanted to keep reading.
Then when it ended, I threw the book across the room.
Don't say I didn't warn you!


An English Shepherd said...

Oh it sounds a bit scary!

Wizz :-)

janis said...

It is. Not for Puppy Ears!