Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's This?

Here we go again!

I really was trying to grasp this whole aging thing. I am starting to accept certain changes my body has been making. Embrace it... almost.
  • Lines on the face? laugh lines, I have had many smiles!
  • Little extra weight? healthy, smooths the wrinkles!
  • Menopause? kindof look forward to the end of periods!
  • Hot Flashes? finally, I am not freezing!

See? I am making some good out of some bad.

Embracing... yeah, trying.

BUT... now I noticed my hands are turning old! Yes, it's true. Yucko Old Lady Hands! I am pissed. Also, my arms! They lost that elasticity. I swear, I did not recognize my own arm!

I am not looking forward to what is next!!!


JC said...

I'm a bit older than you ... the wrinkles and saggy skin ... it is a coming but I figure what the h#ll ... I'm going to still have fun my way !!!

lakeviewer said...

Now,now, it's no that bad if you take action right away. Exercise, eat sensibly, and moisturize. With age, you'll get freedom and peace of mind; that's not so bad, is it?

janis said...

Ha Ha! Thanks Ladies!
Actually, I always thought my Grandma Kitty was so extraordinary. So beautiful, as she aged. I would say, I hope I have her genes & age the same! Then I would remember that even though she is my Grandma, not by blood, her personality runs through me but I am not blessed with her genes! But, I think you are right Rosaria. Grandma, always moisturized, exercised and ate well! I will TRY!!! Remember I am gonna skid in sideways and enjoy the ride!

Ziongirl said...

Gettin old.......well it ain't for sissys!!! Yeah..........I'm hatin it too.