Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day ~ Appendix Night

This is Annie, when she was seven. She always loved the 4th of July. Loves the fireworks. Loves the cookouts. Being with family and friends. This year she didn't have huge plans. Just some simple plans with Nathan and friends. She was looking forward to them, but they did not pan out.

She did spend the day with family and Nathan, but in the hospital instead of a cookout.

Friday night she complained of a stomach ache. We all thought it was from her sandwich. By the morning she was clutching her stomach & sides. Crying and trying to make herself throw up. Something just did not feel right. So we headed to the Emergency Room. Got there at 10:00am on the Fourth of July.

From her symptoms, they did not think it was food poisoning, rather her Appendix or Ovarian Cyst. So, Annie had blood work done, then a pelvic exam. Then we moved on to a CAT Scan. Finally an Ultra-Sound. The Doctors were a little baffled. She had an enlarged appendix, but they also had difficulty finding her right ovary and concerns about the size. She also have fluid in her pelvis. So, it could have been an ovarian cyst that burst, or could be a small ovary and an appendix about to burst. A surgeon was called in. The decision was agreed that they would do a scope through her belly button, evaluate and then remove the appendix unless that was not the culprit.

At 9:30pm, they removed Annie's enlarged, hardened appendix.

She is recovering very well. She is in some pain and discomfort, but doing very well. She was released a couple of hours ago (4:30pm).

I am so grateful we had the good sense to take her to the ER. I am so grateful for the dedicated, kind and loving staff at St Francis Hospital (South Campus). They cared for Annie as if she were family. They treated us wonderfully as well.
Not exactly the plans for the 4th of July. Sergio, Emily, Nathan, and I gathered around her, hung out, laughed and waited. Nathan, is a sweetie. He left friends on what could have been a fun night to stay by her side. He is with her now, hanging out, by her side.


Napierson said...

certainly wont forget this 4th of July!

Anonymous said...

Jan - I am so glad that Annie is okay. It is strange how events like this usually turn out. Considering all of the possible outcomes that would have been horrible and even some of the more likely circumstances that would have been a huge inconvenience, you almost couldn't have planned it or timed it any better. You need to know that you are very fortunate to have two wonderful daughters and a very cool sister - all who love you very much.


Ziongirl said...

Oh my gosh.........I am so glad she is ok.........