Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Flamingo Lounge

The Flamingo Lounge is an exclusive members only "club". It has five members. Four middle-aged women, and a Female Black Labrador, named Gabby.

It was formed a few years back, but the actual members only, is something of recent management decision. It is located at the founding member's home, in her Family Room. The membership consist of four life-long friends, and the guarding puppy of one of the members.

These are the membership passes. I had my membership card for less than 24 hours when I lost it. Causing me to go on probation. Lost my rights to chose the television channel, the movie to watch. Any executive decisions were provoked from me. (The dog had more rights than me).

Luckily I found my pass the other day. It now sits with the remaining passes, as seen in the photo above. I am officially off that dang probation!

{The bullets? Private joke. Something about biting the bullet.}

Hanging at The Flamingo is heaven. Just me and my girlfriends. No drama, no expenses. We can speak our minds, ask any questions. We can vent, cry, or be silly. I can be educated or stimulated by the conversations between two of my girlfriends. The food is great, (whatever we want! usually appetizers). Great conversation, great laughs, and great memories in the making.

The only thing that would make this better, is if the MIA member, (she lives in another state), was able to be be here with us. She is in spirit, and by phone, but I really wish we had her here by our side all the time.

I am the most blessed person there is when it comes to friendships.

Friends come and go mostly in a lifetime.

Not my lifetime.

I got the keepers!


Natalie said...

Lovely story. How lucky you are to have such a marvelous group of friends.xx♥

Anonymous said...

That's hillarious!!! Can't wait to activate my membership officially....MIA