Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dr. Mac? Please!

At my office we are allowed to plug into ipods, CDs, and radios. That way, everyone hears what they want and does not distract neighbors. I chose to listen to the local radio. (Well, actually, I would prefer Pandora Internet radio, but that is denied on our computers, and I do not have a portable Internet device.) Anyway, I listen to local stations here in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Today, twice I have heard a commercial for a local "Doctor".
It starts like this:

"Ladies, where do you turn to discuss women's issues such as menstruation, infertility and menopause?"

Then it tells us about the wonderful Dr. Mac. HE understands these things.

"Why endure menopause when you can enjoy it?"

Say what?
Did they really say that? Yep! I heard it twice this morning.

"If it is a female thing, call Dr. Mac."

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

I am still laughing at this ridiculous commercial!


lakeviewer said...

Dr. Mac must know his market. He got you to listen.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate is my Dr....with a cup of hot coffee and a good book.
Take care Jan...going to Tennessee this week.
mary d

janis said...

I thought about what you said, however I I cant think of his practice! I have heard it again several times since posting & I keep forgeting the name of the practice! I have worked in Marketing and I do agree, it was a clever way to get my attention as well as many others. But, I would NEVER go to him! =D
Mary~ Chocolate is a great cure for everything!