Saturday, July 25, 2009


I have been rather blue lately. Downright melancholy. I don’t have any true reasons.

Actually, things are looking brighter.

Much like a book, I am ending a chapter, and the upcoming chapter looks inviting and exciting. Good things to come, while harder things are getting ..umm easier?

Looming in the very near future is Changes. This new chapter has several changes that I will have to adapt to. I look forward and anticipate the excitement of the fall. We will have some clarity. We also will have some confusion. Things will be different, yet some things will remain.

Annie will soon be leaving the nest for her new college life. That is a very good thing and I am excited for her. I am anxious for her to spread her wings. I know she will be happy and I look forward to her stories and visits home.

Emily will be starting her 3rd year at Ball State University. She has grown so much in these past couple of years. I want her to continue to be the strong loving woman she has become. I look forward to seeing what this year has in store for her.

Sergio & I are in a good place. He has been my rock, and I like to think I have for him.

My job is enjoyable, and I like my co-workers. The uncertainly of being a Temp makes me crazy. Although I am told the work I am doing will continue until the fall of 2010. Hopefully, the job freeze will be lifted, and I will have "permanent" status.

I want to get a grasp on my life. I want to be in a place that Sergio and the girls will be proud of me. I want to like me again. I want to be proud of myself. I want to see the good, not the bad.

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Mark said...


I like the cheerier music theme stay with those thoughts know that everything coming to you is good and it will be. Release your fears of the unknown. Visualize what you want in your life and you will have it. Thank your God for it before you ever receive it.