Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Still Packing

Packing has been very interesting.

My family all have different theories on the best way to thin out, pack, and move.

Sergio just wants to get EVERYTHING out of the old house and over to the new then figure it out. He reasons that it will help sell this house once we empty it. He is driving me nuts. He keeps moving trash, and items we don't need to keep. I don't want that stuff at the new house! What the heck?

Emily doesn't want to double move. She wants to move her College apartment stuff first (August 10th) then go through what is left to decide what will go to her room at the new house. This does make some sense, but she won't really be coming back after the 10th. Guess who will get stuck moving her leftovers to the new house?

Annie is my biggest pack rat. She keeps random things. She is keeping games that have not been played, ALL her TEEN VOGUE's from the past two or three years. As well as enough clothes and shoes for ten girls. Every time she starts to go through her stuff to thin out she gets caught up in something and loses her train of thought. She is a dreamer! Also she is going from a 25x18 room to a normal 11x12. She is in shock.

I just want to move room by room. Filing them as I go along. That way I take the important things first for each room and toss or give away what I do not need. I spent six hours over at the new house last night decorating and emptying boxes.

It is hard. Amazing what you accumulate over ten years. It is so hard to throw away things that give you the sweetest memories.


sroman said...

You may have to throw away or store some things. You're not throwing away any memories.

H.boy said...

Be careful what you throw away Jan.

When I was younger, my Mother threw away and gave some things away that I wished I could have back. All my GI Joe's, endless Hot wheels, Tonka trucks, tractors,and on, and on.

janis said...

To D: I have a rescued Tonka Truck that belonged to Sergio, as well as my Suzy doll, a stuffed cat, Kiddles, and a few other of my childhood favorites. Sergio is fine with all the American Girl dolls, Polly Pockets, Pet Shops, doll houses, and such that I insist on keeping. They are already in the attic at the new house:) I may be blessed with grandchildern one day that will have a heyday with them!