Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Last First Day

Today is Annie's last first day of school. Yes, she will have her first for college years but this is different. Today she starts her Senior year of High School.

Where did the years go?

I know this will be a wonderful year for her. She is very involved in school clubs, sports, and activities. She is well liked by staff as well as students. Last night we gave our blessings to let her quit her job so that she can focus more on studies and have a fun social life as a senior. She is tackling some tough classes (even some college classes) and with her being the Editor of Yearbook, Vice President of Student Council, as well as a Golfer, Tennis Team, and a mixture of other activities, she will be the busy girl. Hopefully this schedule will also help her with scholarships.

Yep, the Baby is growing up!

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