Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happily Ever After 49 plus Years

August 8th was my parents 49th Wedding Anniversary. Can you imagine? I can, I have witnessed it.

Now, honestly, was it "Happily Ever After?". Well, Yes and No.

Too many people have false perceptions of what that means. The whole Happily ever after part. I am a firm believer that it should be more, "Happily As You Make It". Nothing is a given. It's up to you to make things wonderful. God Blesses you with a mind as well as a heart and it is up to us to use them both wisely.

My folks are remarkable. They have both separately as well as jointly had more on their plates than most. It is how they choose to handle it. Sometimes it will tear at them, but mostly it makes them stronger. They have taught me much and to toughen up and turn something around to make it work is at the top of the list.

My marriage is Blessed. I got lucky. But, it certainly isn't wonderful 24/7. We work very hard at it. It never magically becomes perfect. You work together, giving and taking to find that perfect, (or close to perfect) fit.

I think great couples come when you are not looking for them. My folks meet on a blind date (my Dad was in the Navy, Mom was in high school). My sister and her first love reconnected after many years and miles apart. Sergio and I were both at points in our lives that we certainly were not looking for a spouse. We became great friends first.

So for now, I am glad that my Mom went on that blind date. She stepped in when her girlfriend couldn't go. I knew she had no clue this is what would become of her and that cute Navy guy named Tom.

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sroman said...

Congrats to Barb and Tom!