Thursday, August 14, 2008

Funky Dreams

Why do we dream what we dream? I know there are different theories to what dreams are made of, but does any of it really make sense to you?

I will buy the theory that I dreamed about coming into money because I was thinking about money issues before falling asleep. Same for dreaming about people. I will dream about someone I miss or have just recently seen. I will even buy into theories about heroism dreams when we deep down want to be protective or thought of as special.


Sometimes, I really have weird dreams that make no sense at all. Strange funky stuff. Places I wouldn't want to go or situations I never would want to be in. Really odd stuff.

Like the other night I dreamed I helped a friend kill a couple of people. That same night she dreamed I was helping her deal with the birth of a child, in her forties! I am dreaming we are taking lives as she was dreaming of creating lives! What the heck?

I have dreamed about having positions I would never ever do. I also have repeat dreams that keep coming back again and again.

Nightmares vary from extreme to mild.

Sergio has never remembered a dream until recently. Now he is more tired after dreaming than before falling asleep. (Been there too!)

I wish I could figure a way out of having or at least remembering a dream. I think I would have a much more restful sleep that way.

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sroman said...

One of my favorite things is saying, "Listen to what I dreamt last night." Yours are crazy as are mine. I promise not to have a baby if you promise not to make me murder some oldies.