Monday, August 11, 2008

Comments Please!

I got a lovely email from one of my forever friends. I am so glad she is enjoying this blog. I know what she means. I love reading a few friends blogs as well. It is my little window into their lives and lets me "get them" as well as relate.

It's kindof the grownups Facebook.

I would love to hear comments! Agree or disagree. Advice is also always welcomed. You can comment anonymously. I just want to hear that you are reading and what you think. Sometimes I think no one ever reads this (except for Sheri, Deb, & Darin) but then someone will randomly mentioned they enjoyed something or they thought it was strange I wrote about something. I really wish I could get the feedback on the blog. I am so grateful Sheri comments. She is my biggest cheerleader.

Bottom line: PLEASE COMMENT!!! Let me know what your thoughts are.


Kim said...

Your right Jan! I love to read your blog! It makes me feel like we are in this life together! It makes me feel linked still after all these years to each other! I don't even care if we agree or disagree, just to know your friend,forever friend!

sroman said...

Get rid of this backgound. It's giving me a headache. I can't even read whaqt you have to say.

janis said...

Sheri's being a meanie. I changed my background once for her, I am not changing it this time. I like it, and I think you can read it just fine.