Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Forever Friends

Make New Friends,
But keep the Old,
One is Silver,
and the Other is Gold.

This is an old song I learned in Bluebirds. (Yes, while every other girl was a Brownie, then a Girl Scout, I was a Bluebird, then a Camp Fire Girl).


I still love this little tune, and still sing it. How true. We all need friends. Keep the old while making the new. Can anyone have too many friends?

I have told you about the Lifers already. I have also mentioned Rich. By now you know that friends are very important to me. I think that I am pretty friendly. I see people as a potential friend before a potential enemy. I see the good before the bad. I am somewhat cautious, but making new friends is wonderful.

The old are slightly more important as the years go by. The friends that have known you through thick and thin. When life is bad as well as good. And they love you just as much.

I was explaining to my daughter about the "real" forever friends. The ones that you can pick up with after years of not seeing each other and carry on a conversation like you just saw them yesterday. The ones that will drop everything to be there for you. I told her that those are the friends to hold close to your heart.

I am very fortunate that I have a handful of wonderful forever friends.

"Mary". I love her to death. She is always in my corner. Her infectious laugh makes me laugh. I have known her since 2nd grade, so that makes more than 40 years of friendship.

"Kimmie". The year we shared in college will bond us forever as dorm sisters. I love that when we do find time to call each other we talk for an hour and still need more time to finish what we were talking about. Kimmie & I have known each other for 19 years.

"Becky". We go back since high school. She was in "Trendz" with me, but a couple of years behind. We dated in the same circles, and I always had a blast with her. We have reconnected so many times over the years. She is truly one of the gutsiest , smartest gals I have ever met. I admire her so much. We met up the other day and it felt like no time had past since we had last. Becky and I share 21 years of friendship.

"Ronnie". Richie's brother. So you know we too go way back. Ronnie dated Becky, and also my sister-in-law. Ronnie & I went off to Vincennes University together, and we looked out for each other and had the most fun. He is also one of Sergio's dearest friends. I love Ron like a brother.
His father and mine were friends when they were in school so I have pretty much known the Seats, my whole life.

"Kim". Although we are not as close as we were years ago, she is another that I love like a sister and pick up where we left off. She is Ronnie & Richie's sister, and we as well have known each other forever. She was always the brave one, and now she is raising three adorable sons. I love hearing how she is and running into her.

"Carolyn". Although Carolyn & I knew each other in high school, she was closer with Sergio & Julie's crowd. We would often run into each other with cookouts and ran into each other over the years, but I really got to know her best working with her at Assist 2 Sell. She is the motherly~sisterly type that will literally give you the shirt off her back. She is the kindest person I have ever met and one of the most generous & funniest. I have shared the joy of watching her through the years as she gained a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law, and two, soon to be three grandchildren.

There are plenty of others. I love my friends and realize how truly blessed I am.

It is said rare is it when a person finds one good friend in life. God smiles down at me, giving me many to love new and old.


sroman said...

You are blessed.

janis said...

Wow! Glad you left before I read your Forever Friends blog!! I was ballin! Thank you for your kind words. We are FOREVER FRIEND!!!
Love ya!