Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dog Gone IT!!

I am in trouble again! I did not tear these up, the dog did it! I swear! I am in trouble because I am the one that left them out for Dakota to "discover".

They are signed limited posters from "The Irvington Halloween Festival" (1992) and "The Pleasant Run Run" (1999).. Sergio & I bought them while attending these events and have been saving them to frame and go up on the walls. We have two others that are framed. We did not have a place for these & I actually forgot about them. Today I rediscovered them while packing up the house. I excitedly sat them out on the bed to show Sergio & discuss the perfect location at the new house.

Dakota found them first. Then Sergio discovered him and his new chew toys. Do you think I can still frame them even with a bite out of them? Particularly the Irvingtion Halloween Festival one. I wonder how odd that would look framed. It would have Dakota's touch. What do you think?

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