Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dark Blonde

I got my hair done. Cut, color & style.

I love getting it done. Sitting in the chair, relaxing. The feeling is fabulous.

When the girls were little they "did" my hair all the time. I had very long hair, they would have me part it and each do a side. I would have 20 plus barrettes and bows in my hair. As they got older, I got more sophisticated styles. Even before my girls, I always had little girls playing with my hair. When I worked at the Deaf School, once while playing beauty shop, I had several little girls start to gather & have "worried" looks as my young stylist feverishly work away. Then, I smelled the burning hair... she had the curling iron stuck in my hair! I survived. She did too, she had never used one and didn't realize hair can burn!

Back to my new do...
My Stylist is wonderful. She always gives me a great cut. The color is always good and her prices can't be beat. We have been friends for many years and going to her shop is a pleasure. The only complaint is, well, like all Stylist, they seem to give you what they want more than what you want. She thinks I look better as a redhead. I want it lighter, blonder. We compromise and I have brown hair w/ highlights. Sometimes the highlights are red, sometimes my hair is red w/ blonde highlights. Years ago, I would get upset, today, I let her at it. She does a beautiful job and I don't care so much.
This time, she had pictures to show me her thoughts and ideals. She told me she thought I should go with color rather than the highlights and that it would process better with a nice blend. She showed me three pictures. I chose the lighter two. She told me that was what she thought I would choose and had "Dark Blonde" in the tube. I was cool with it, even excited. I think dark blond is pretty. I was anxious to see my dark blonde hair. When it was done, I looked in the mirror, and, Surprise! It's reddish brown. She asked me if I liked the blonde. I said, "Well, I like it, but maybe we could go lighter next time. I don't really see the blonde." She thinks I am crazy. She says it's blonde.

One of us is color blind.

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sroman said...

My predominate root color is gray but I prefer to tell people it is ashy blonde.

Can't wait to see your hair.