Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chipmunk Girl

Annie had her four wisdom teeth removed this morning. All went fine. We decided to go with sedation. She was extremely nervous and scared.

It was a quick procedure, finished in 30 minutes and on our way home in 45 minutes. They wheeled her to the car and she whimpered like a hurt puppy. She is sensitive, and it killed me to see her so scared. Even once she fell asleep, she kept whimpering and the tears rolled down her checks.

Once home I helped my baby out of the car and into the house. She was out of control of her movements and appeared drunk. This made her laugh. After settling in on the couch, with her ice packs and a little jello in her tummy (too funny watching someone numb try to eat jello). I got the antibiotics and the Vicodine in her and she past out for a much needed cat nap.

She now feels okay. She ate some pudding and her boyfriend is over watching movies and TV with her. I am letting him wait on her now and he is starting to understand her mumbling.

We keep applying the ice packs. They all say she will look like a chipmunk for a while because of the swelling. Even if she does look like a chipmunk, she is still an amazingly beautiful Chipmunk Girl!

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