Sunday, July 6, 2008

Celebrating Our Country's Freedom

As the weekend rolls into the end, I reflect what this country means to me and how I celebrate it.

For the most part we had lovely weather. Cookouts all around, with people enjoying family and friends. Not to mention the fireworks, that is a whole other post for me though, another time.

We are so incredibly fortunate to live in the United States of America. We have choices, opportunities and freedoms that other countries could not imagine. Unfortunately, too many of us take this for granted.

I am married to a Union Man. Sergio was involved with the United Auto Workers Union prior to us dating. I quickly learn to appreciate and admire his intensity for his work. He is passionate about rights for Americans. It's not just about wages and benefits. It is about safety, education, and pride.

He climb up through the years to a prominent position. The job has sometimes interfered with family plans, but we all adjusted. We understood that the importance of his work effected so many and it often took a priority.

I have been educated about American Workers rights more than the average wife. I searched hard for American labels, boycotted products. And did my part to secure a future for our children.

I wish I was able to understand politics better. I lean heavily on Sergio, Sheri and CNN to keep me abreast to situations and what it all means. I get frustrated when I don't understand or if I have missed something important.

For as many years as we have been a country, we have had to secure our future. The risk and sacrifices that our armed forces have made should not be forgotten or taken in vain. I think too many miss the point and do not realize what all is at stake.

It is frightening that we are in the midst of selecting a new leader for our country. Although I respect both candidates, neither were my top choices. I can not imagine how I will make my final decision on election day. I hope that I will have a strong indication by then and vote with my brain and gut. I am terrified thinking of how things can get worse. Where will we be in four years? Will we be in four years? I do not have the solutions.

My prayers are getting stronger and louder. I hope that we all pray really hard for the upcoming future. Even though, prayer is another issue that many are lacking in as they are losing faith.

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