Sunday, July 20, 2008

The CD

This is the most amazing CD ever put together. It is a very limited addition. Only three produced. I happen to be the proud owner of one of the three.

When we had our Girls Weekend, this was a gift from Sheri.

I can't even imagine the work put into this. Even though Sheri is one of the biggest music lovers I know, putting this together was no easy task.

She compiled songs from our friendship. Songs that we sang together, songs that tell our stories, and songs we sing to each other in moments of need.

She not only put these songs together, but as we played them all weekend long, she told us why she chose this one or how that one will always reminder her of something about us.

I play mine everyday.

I sing along, I smile and I cry.

The joy this double CD brings me can not even be described. The love I feel every time I play it.

Here's what is on it:
The Ant Song, Time For Me to Fly, You Don't Own Me, This One's For The Girls, You've Got A Friend, Can't Smile Without You, Sweet Home Alabama, Margaritaville, Tapestry, Free Bird, RESPECT, That's What Friends Are For, Don't Look Back, Old Friends/ Bookends, All You Need Is Love, Now & Forever, I Want To Thank You, In My Life, What A Wonderful Life,Thank You For Being A Friend, God Only Knows, I Will Survive, Night Moves, Born To Be Wild, Roll With The Changes, Old Time Rock & Roll, Tonight's The Night, Wild Angels, Wild Nights, Lying Eyes, Crazy, I'll Be Around, I Go Back, You're Still The One, As Time Goes By, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Came Rain or Come Shine, & These Are The Moments

I am pretty lucky to have this friend.

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sroman said...

Thank you. I play mine every day too. You would not believe the number of people who have asked me about this!