Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Butterfly Bush

I have a huge wildly untamed Butterfly Bush in front of the house. Sergio often threatens to cut it down or at least trim it down but I throw a hissy fit and get my way with it. It is about 6ft tall and 3ft wide. I know we should trim it down more often & I will in the fall, however, the Butterflies and Humming Birds are crazy about it the way it is.

Today, I cut some branches and put in a vase for the kitchen. I love the deep purple blooms contrasting against my yellow walls. It smells strange though. Not a good scent nor a bad scent. A different sweet smell.

I love just sitting at the dining room table and watching the hundreds of Butterflies that will visit it. We also get a cool variety of Humming Birds. Most are so tiny it's hard to believe they are birds. They buzz about, coming and going. Drives my cats stuck indoors crazy. It also drives the rest of the family crazy because it draws bees and wasp to it also.

It's my butterfly bush. Hugely over grown. A sore sight to Sergio. A pest of bees to the girls. But a sight of calming beauty to me. I think I will plant another one at the new house.

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sroman said...

This title scared me. I thought it was a new kind of waxing that I had not heard of.