Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bus Driver Arms

I had the radio on and between songs, the disc jockey was having people call in about, "What Older Women Need to Stop Wearing", "How old is too Old to Wear Certain Things".

I about died!

Okay, I agree sometimes I cringe when I see a Mother dressing like her teen, but is it my place to say, "Stop it! you look like a fool!". Now, with my Lifers, we have been know to be so bold. But these are girls that I have known forever, and only they are allowed to tell me what I can not wear.

Kudos to the 50 year old woman that said, "if I still look good in it, I am going to wear it". Thumbs down to the woman that made fun of women that should hide their "Bus Driver Arm Flab". Seriously! I agree, spaghetti strips are not attractive when you have that jello arm thing going on, but come on. If she is a happy camper, let her alone.

I must say, I get creeped out when someone my age has tattoos hanging out and is wearing things from my daughters closet. I don't want to look at your Tramp Stamp and thong peeking out of those ultra low jeans. So I just try not to look.

They didn't touch on the men and what they wear, or don't. I was at Target with Annie the other day and I think I am scarred for life from a little peek show from some elderly man waiting for his wife in the dressing room. Apparently he prefers not to wear underwear and he was sitting on a bench with his testicles hanging out the side. Not a pretty sight! Thank God Annie missed it!

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sroman said...

You are welcome ANYTIME to tell me I am wearing the wrong thing. If I try to dress like a teenager, you can shoot me.

I do not have a tramp stamp.