Friday, July 4, 2008

Blue Eyes

I have blue eyes. Both my parents, my sister, most of my Grandparents (Grandma Kitty, in this picture with me, had green). Julie's husband & both her children have blue eyes too. I have several cousins, aunts & uncles mostly with blue eyes. Many of my childhood friends also have blue eyes. I always thought I would marry a blue eyed husband & have blue eyed babies.
My husband has dark brown eyes. Emily had dark blue eyes for about 10 months, then they turned hazel. My Annie has her Daddy's dark brown eyes.

It seems to me, although I grew up surrounded by blue eyed people, it is a rarity now. I have noticed recently, no one seems to have blue eyes. Most my daughters friends are dark eyes and other people I meet, mostly young, do not have blue eyes.

Where have all the blue eyes gone? Don't get me wrong, I love Brown, Green & Hazel eyes. I fell in love with Sergio's Brown eyes. My girls have amazing eyes. I just wonder why there are so few blue eyed people around.

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sroman said...

I have blue eyes. You can look at mine!