Saturday, July 5, 2014


Perspective ~ "a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view."
~sometimes you need to change your perspective to see things differently~

I need to write. I miss it desperately. It gives me clarity.  I have decided that because of perspective... not everyone is going to get me. That's okay.  I hope that those I love, and love me, can look past things they see differently and perhaps can allow me to write my heart & mind. Not worry about someone misunderstanding me.  Frankly, if those that love me understand me, then why should I worry?

Anyway... I want to start up again. For me.

Life is good lately.
Far from perfect, but I don't think perfect exist.

Things are interesting.
Changing, evolving, and thought provoking.

A year ago, five years ago, or ten years ago... I thought things would be very different today.
Life at 52. Not quite what I envisioned. A few surprises along the way. I don't mean in a negative way, or even a positive way.  Just not what I had imagined.

I'm happy. But I am also sad.  I have learned over the past few years that is okay. As long as there is a balance.
Menopause, aging, working and living... I am learning to have a new perspective on my life.

I feel this is right. Accepting some changes.  Standing up against some that are not alright with me.

My clock is ticking. Time is slipping away.  Where did yesterday go? And why have the years flown so quickly?  I am starting realize that some dreams are not going to be met. And some new wonders have filled in their places.  It is okay. Sometimes scary, and sometimes exciting.

My life.

It's not over yet.

I have time to make a difference.