Monday, January 6, 2014

♪♪ Oh... The Weather Outside is Frightful♪♪

I live in Indiana. We got a bit of snow...
Actually a lot of snow. 11 inches within 24 hours. We had some before this storm, and we have had some strong winds which have caused beautiful yet treacherous snow drifts.
While this winter wonderland scenery is amazing to view, it came with a deadly temperature as well.  Once the snow stopped, the cold came with a vengeous. It is currently  -14* with a wind chill of -40 degrees.. That is some serious cold! Killer cold.
This storm ripped across the country and many folks just did not understand the seriousness of it.  While others remember too well the Blizzard of '78 we had in Indiana.  At that time I may have only been 15, and really most of what I remember was fun, but I did understand the seriousness.  For more on that story go HERE.

Friday, many of us started preparing for this storm to hit us.  I went to the store. Choose Meijer because even though it's not my favorite grocery store, it had the best potential of having everything I was needing.  Here is my view from the line to check out....

and yes, every check out was open. It was CRAZY. I was please that people were polite and even helpful to each other. People were ready to help each other get ready for this pending storm.

On Saturday, it started. We got an inch every hour over the course of a 12 hour span.  Hubby and I shoveled snow, every 2-3 hours.
We did a  good job keeping up... although I fell down the deck steps once,
there is only a few, thank goodness! I am fine.
The dogs had a blast...
And especially the Girls...

Zoe & Stella
It was really amazing to see.  We enjoyed while we could, as we knew soon we would be stuck inside once the temperatures dropped. The tress were so very pretty.
what's that Stella?
you're right! I see the squirrel!
I took this last night as my Hubby and I walked through the neighborhood.  I think our house looks warm and inviting, even though we are snowed in and no one can get thru our road...
My daughters are also snowed in. Emily, is safely tucked into her apartment with Roomies. Annie got stuck at a friends, but is safe and sound... They are probably having a blast. I am just grateful that they are in... there was some discussion about work.  We were trying to explain what a City-wide snow emergency is and that regardless to what they think, they are not allowed to go out... The Teacher daughter was fine with her school closing but the younger ambitious daughter trying to advance up a ladder of success was waiting to see what her boss would say... Luckily, the parental units were correct and her employment will remain closed all day.
I worry about all the homeless and the stay animals... Our shelters are overflowing and some places are even taking pets.  Last night, over 30,000 Hoosier residents were without power... remind you the temperature has dropped way below zero. People are actually freezing to death.  It's so quiet outside too.  Except for occasional pops and crashes of limbs breaking and such.  Yesterday, I mentioned to the Hubby someone is really got a fire going in their fireplace, it was so strong. Then a few hours, while on our walk, we saw the fire trucks a block over, finishing putting a fire out of a home!
It's really dangerous.  We have to keep our faucets dripping so the pipes do not freeze, push the snow off decks, out of the satellite dishes, and even try to relive some tree branches so they don't snap.
I am reminded how fortunate I am.  I sit here typing away in my warm house with a great cup of coffee.  Hubby and I have the day together.  I will attempt to get some things done that were not completed during my two week Winter Break. Later I want to watch some old VHS videos of years gone by.
But for now, I will enjoy this peace. And thank God for keeping us safe.


Melissa said...

I love reading your blogs! Another great one! I was one of the 30,000. Luckily my power came one 13 hours after it went off. I sure hope no one else is out there without heat. Take care and God bless you!

An English Shepherd said...

But it looks very festive :-)

Bee Lady said...

Your house looks warm and inviting. Very beautiful. And isn't it nice to know your family is safe. I was worried about my Sister and her family. They were in Wisconsin on a ski trip. It took them two days to get home. She finally admitted that I was right and she should have stayed put! They made it safely home. Hey supposed to get in the 40's this weekend. I'm ready!

Cindy Bee

Cake Chick said...

Hey janis, Thanks for stopping by my blog and for all of the feed back on the exchange student. Boy different cultures can really be, DIFFERENT. Luckily we only have Max for a short period of time. I am counting my blessings, thank you for helping me to put it into perspective.

I also LOVE the picture of your house. just beautiful!